Introducing Blackbaud Outcomes

January 19, 2016

Blackbaud Outcomes™ empowers you, a champion for a better world, to track and understand the measurable impact of your social investments. Make informed decisions, track the effectiveness of your programs and tell your impact story using ROI-focused results and a common outcomes measurement language.

Collaborate and align your investment to your mission

With a single, unified experience for both funders and their grantee partners, collaborating around shared goals, outcomes and expectations is now a reality. Track progress in real-time—to celebrate achievements or provide guidance with transparency and accountability throughout the entire grant cycle.

Measure your results. Accelerate your impact.

With personalized dashboards for everyone from grantee partners to executives, real-time data is available on demand. See progress across your entire portfolio and make investment decisions based on grantee partners achieving social impact.

Tell your impact story clearly and powerfully. 

The sector-sourced Outcomes Measurement Taxonomy in Blackbaud Outcomes creates a common language across organizations that are working toward a similar mission, such as improving education or striving for a cleaner environment. This allows for benchmarking and a better understanding of your outcomes and impact. Using statistics, results and a common language to clearly demonstrate your impact, you can strengthen your social investing story to secure funding, build client loyalty, retain and engage employees, and leave a lasting legacy.

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