Transformative Employee Volunteering with Chris Jarvis & Angela Parker, Realized Worth Co-Founders

May 17, 2017 Tawny Saez

In this episode of the Champions for Social Good Podcast, Jamie Serino speaks with Chris Jarvis and Angela Parker (@angelajeane), Co-Founders of Realized Worth (@RealizedWorth), a consulting firm focused on the design and implementation of employee volunteering programs. Chris and Angela discuss the current state of employee volunteering and the common roadblocks that companies are facing to maintain momentum. To offset these roadblocks, such as lack of participation, Chris and Angela explain how they empower their clients to create transformative instead of transactional employee volunteering experiences.  Chris and Angela delve into the transformative benefits of volunteering, including empathy, compassion and collaboration and they even suggest how this can change the way our minds work, equipping us to think more critically about social issues after volunteering. Chris and Angela then suggest strategies on how CSR professionals can help move the needle on employee volunteering, citing the importance of having a volunteer ambassador to guide employees through their volunteer event to ensure they contextualize who they are helping. Lastly, Chris and Angela discuss their latest project – a massive open online course (MOOC) on transformative volunteering, titled Empathy in Motion: The Power of Employee Volunteering.

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