Public and Private Partnerships in Disaster Relief: Leveraging Expertise for Maximum Impact

August 27, 2018

Efficiently responding to all types of natural disasters and applying insight to improve future response efforts requires coordination with global organizations throughout the public, private, and social sectors. Cross-sector partnerships are becoming more common, but they often rely on existing relationships. With disaster and humanitarian relief, it is all about who can communicate the needs of the affected area and deliver the aid the fastest, and this can change depending on the type of natural disaster and where it hits.

In this paper, we will explore disaster relief in four buckets: examining response on the ground in disaster-struck areas, collecting support, distributing support, and strategizing for the future. The work of four Blackbaud customers, with contributions from the Center of Disaster Philanthropy, will help you identify opportunities for collaboration and significant advantages you’ll have from working together.

We hope you will use this paper to evaluate and discover the unique resources your organization can offer in a time of disaster and explore vehicles or partners that can connect those resources to communities in need.


Learn more about cross-sector partnerships, and hear directly from companies, foundations, community foundations, and nonprofits that have executed partnerships with huge success at bbcon! We look forward to seeing you in October in Orlando!

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