The Journey Toward Impact and Outcomes: A Conversation with Michelle DiSabato, Impact Advisor at Blackbaud

June 27, 2017 Jamie Serino

In this episode of the Champions for Social Good Podcast, Jamie Serino speaks with Michelle DiSabato, Impact Advisor for the Corporate and Foundation Solutions division of Blackbaud. Michelle explains how her passion for impact and measurement led her to a career centered on helping foundations and corporations more clearly understand the impact that their programs are having on the people and communities that they're serving. Michelle discusses the evolution of impact measurement in the social good sector and explains that the vast majority of corporations and foundations, almost 75% of them, still struggle to get a handle on outcomes, measurement, and impact. Michelle provides suggestions for grantmaking organizations on how to get started on the journey toward measuring outcomes and impact and clarifies the important difference between measuring outputs versus outcomes. Michelle and Jamie then discuss the benefits of being outcomes driven, such as increased collaboration, cross-sector partnerships, and collective impact. Lastly, Michelle discusses the role of outcomes measurement in the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how an increasing number of companies are aligning corporate volunteer initiatives to address specific SDGs.

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About the Author

Jamie Serino

Jamie Serino is Director of Marketing for Blackbaud’s Corporations & Foundations division. Bringing nearly two decades of leadership experience spanning the private and nonprofit sectors, Jamie oversees the strategy to communicate Blackbaud’s brand promise to grantmaking organizations and corporations, drive market leadership, and establish strategic partnerships that lift the philanthropic sector. Jamie also hosts the Champions for Social Good podcast. Prior to joining Blackbaud, Jamie developed and led transformational marketing and communication strategies in both B-to-B and B-to-C technology industries, including financial services, network security, CRM, Internet telephony and HR/Recruiting. He was instrumental in building the Vonage brand, growing the customer base from 10,000 to 2.5 million while helping the company through its IPO. He also led the centralization of communications and branding at SunGard in order to reposition the company for IPO/acquisition.

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