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Six Tips for Building Public and Private Partnerships: The UPS Foundation and Disaster Relief

August 15, 2018

The UPS Foundation is centrally focused on the entire spectrum of the disaster cycle: disaster risk reduction, preparedness, building the capacity of humanitarian agencies, urgent response, post-crisis recovery, and public health system strengthening. All of these roll up to what the Foundation identified as its most valuable area of contribution and logistics, but each one requires a different strategy with different partners.

Here are six ways you can learn from The UPS Foundation and apply its example to your organization’s own disaster management strategy. As Joe Ruiz, UPS director of the humanitarian relief and resilience program, stresses: “You can’t solve big problems alone. Partnerships between the public and private sectors may take time to put together, but it is the only way we’ll be equipped with the tools necessary to drive positive change and meet our global goals.”

Tips Include:

  1. Take time to research and build smart partnerships.
  2. Educate employees and provide them with opportunities to make a difference.
  3. Use your organization's unique insight to spread awareness.
  4. Focus on long-term recovery and proactive planning.
  5. Embrace collaboration with other organizations and governments.
  6. Measure outcomes to find out how and where you are most helpful.

Learn more about disaster relief in our collection of resources here.

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