Building a Culture of Philanthropy: Hear it From the Experts

September 11, 2017 Ali Martinez

This blog post originally appeared in npENGAGE.

The word philanthropy is derived from the Greek meaning “love of humanity”. It’s a perfect definition for the sector and the people who power it. But there’s another important word that isn’t as commonly used in the sector: synergy, from the Greek meaning “working together”.

It’s a concept that’s easier said than done. Within competing priorities across departments, organizations can be susceptible to inheriting an “us vs them” mentality. Whether it’s the programs versus fundraising or marketing versus finance, this discord is a detriment to every organization’s main goal: furthering your mission.

How can an organization combat this tendency?

Enter: A Culture of Philanthropy

A culture of philanthropy is a set of organizational values and practices that support and nurture development within a nonprofit organization. It’s an important part of building cohesion and teamwork within an organization and it’s imperative that every individual understands how they contribute to this culture.

In npEXPERTS Fundraising Matters: Building a Culture of Philanthropy, our 10 experts shared their perspectives across a variety of topics – from marketing to analytics – to help build a bigger picture of organizational fundraising success across all departments.

Let us know what you learned and how your organization is building a culture of philanthropy!

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