5 Tips to Boost Support for Your Organization on #GivingTuesday

October 29, 2019 Vicki Morcos

#GivingTuesday has become such a powerful way for donors to connect with causes, whether in their community or a world away.  As importantly, it is an effective vehicle for nonprofit organizations to increase donations during the whirlwind of the holidays.

As a fundraising organization, consider these tips to maximize online donations, broaden your identity, and increase your base of supporters and volunteers!

#1: Check out the #GivingTuesday Planning Toolkit

You will find helpful #GivingTuesday planning guides, logos, suggestions for messaging for the various social media platforms, and MORE!

#2: Identify the dates and messaging for each social media post

  • Use hashtags, photos, videos and GIFs to elevate your campaign.
  • Make sure at least one message a week is on a TUESDAY!

#3: Organize peer-to-peer fundraising

  • Secure friends of your organization (board members, volunteers, staff, community leaders, organization cheerleaders, family members if necessary) to build fundraising teams. Members of each group will reach out to their circles through their own social media pages and email to drive donations on #GivingTuesday.
  • Fuel the rivalries with fun competitions throughout the 24-hours! AMPLIFY YOUR CAMPAIGN!

#4: Specify giving levels – NOT ending in zeros – and let donors know how their donation makes an impact

  • Data creates the story – Stories back the data.
  • Using real dollar amounts, that represent the cost of each program, make the giving levels more tangible for the potential donor.
  • Example: Readers can see that their donation will be maximized by the food pantry’s food rescue program with local grocers to the benefit of pantry patrons.

#5: Be sure that EVERY post on social media includes a direct link for your followers to be able to take action…AKA: DONATE!

Think about taking this opportunity to share volunteer opportunities with new donors and supporters you are re-engaging.


After #GivingTuesdayTHANK YOU WEDNESDAY!

Be sure to thank your supporters, ambassadors, and donors.  Make sure to share your results and any photos or videos taken during the campaign!

To learn more tips from Vicki, watch this free webinar: “A Fundraiser’s Perspective on How to Stand Out on #GivingTuesday.”


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